Green waste recycling

Green Waste Recycling

York Woods Tree accepts yard waste, brush & branch, sod & soil, logs and stumps. 

what we accept:

Dumping rules:

Dumping Rules:

  • Each disposal category has a specific dumping area. Therefore, all disposal material must be separated by type. 


                     *Any load containing foreign debris will be charged a $100.00 fee.

We DO NOT accept the following:

  • Trash
  • Construction materials
  • Metal
  • Treated Lumber
  • Railroad Ties
  • Clay

How does it work?

  1. Get dirty, angry & sweaty while you load up your vehicle with your green waste materials. 
  2. Drive on over to York Woods Tree, 300 Harold L Dow HWY Eliot, ME
  3. Stop in the store to check in with our staff and pay.
  4. Drive around back to the designated drop off area.
  5. Get dirty, angry and sweaty again while you unload your green waste.
  6. Go home and load up more or just take a well deserved nap.